“Our Father Gilbert’s teaching was an expression of his holiness, and his holiness made his teaching effective.”

Thoughts for Today

Jesus Christ asks each one of us to take up our cross and follow Him. We’re also asked to share His Gospel and make disciples of all nations. We few Gilbertines do that through our particular ministry of prayer, presence and service. What are the ways you do as Jesus asks in your life as a Catholic?

There are so many ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this age of new media but of course nothing can replace a one-on-one connexion between a believer and a seeker. Remember all of the good God is bringing about in and through you. Never underestimate His power to bring people to Himself through you.

Do not be sad, my son, or distress yourself too much, because the work is accomplished — it is accomplished — it is accomplished!
— St. Gilbert