“When you pray to God in psalms and hymns, entertain your heart with what your lips are reciting.”

St. John the evangelist

An exciting opportunity to serve opened up in Calgary, Alberta with the departure in June of Father Lee Kenyon from St. John the Evangelist.
    Father Kenyon and the people of St. John’s were pioneers of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter — the parish was canonically erected as one of the founding parishes of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter on the 5th anniversary of Anglicanorum cœtibus.
    An announcement was made in Calgary on 30th April with a letter sent the night before including the news that Gilbertines have been asked by Bishop Lopes to relocate to Calgary.
    Father Martens, who formerly served as the parish Deacon, assumed the role of Parochial Administrator. “He will not be the Parish Priest” Father Kenyon said, but he “will have overall governance of the parish, in the name of the Bishop.” The parish will also be served by priests known to the community.
    Bros. Robert-Charles Bengry and Sean-Patrick Beahen took up residence in the Rectory, adjacent to the church, on 1st July and assumed the pastoral and day-to-day administrative care of the parish. Bro. Beahen serves as a Pastoral Assistant with Bro. Bengry as the Lead. Father Kenyon let the parish know that “Deo volente, the two brothers will, upon completion of their studies and formation, be ordained to the priesthood by June 2018 so that, from 1st July 2018, they will assume the full pastoral, sacramental, and administrative care of the parish.”
    “We’re happy to have arrived” Bro. Sean-Patrick says with a smile. “We’ve still to settle in, but it already feels like home.” He goes on to say, that they’ll miss their ministry in Brandon, but adds “I believe I can see the hand of God in all of these recent changes. It’s rather exciting!”
    Sister Myrna-Mary had already been moved to Calgary — an housing opportunity presented itself that necessitated a move in quick order. “I didn’t have much of an opportunity to say good-bye, but when the Spirit moves, it would be foolish to resist” she says. “I am busy and happy here.”

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