“When they rise for the Work of God, let them gently encourage one another, that the drowsy may have no excuse.”

a life in common...

The Canons Regular of St. Gilbert of Sempringham pray according to the Divine Office of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. Gilbertines prefer to keep it simple. Much of our chant is in monotone and our oratories should have a noble simplicity about them.
    Because it is not always possible for our clergy to adhere to the horarium as strictly as we have devised it, due to ur small number and the demands of parish life, the focus is placed upon Morning, Evening Prayer and Compline before bed. In regard to the little Hours, we take our inspiration from Chapter Fifty of the Rule of St. Benedict, where it says of monks away from the oratory, or on a journey:

Brothers who work so far away that they cannot return to the oratory at the proper time — and the Abbot determines that is the case —  are to perform the Work of God where they are, and kneel out of reverence for God. So too, those who have been sent on a journey are not to omit the prescribed hours but to observe them as best they can, not neglecting their measure of service.

Gilbertine Sisters are to adhere to their own horarium but follow the same general outline. Companions of the community, not being under formal vows, have a great deal more liberty in regard to the offices. Even still, they pray according to an approved personal Rule of Life.
    Naturally it is preferable to pray the offices with others and will be ideal to pray in an oratory, chapel or Church. It is also important to make time for daily periods of silence, as far as circumstances allow, and to find a balance between work, study, prayer and recreation. Hospitality too is important as it is in the other that we find Christ.