“It is the chariot of Aminadab, that is of a willing people, of the voluntary poor of Christ. It has two sides: one of men, another of women; four wheels, two of men clerk and lay, and two of women lettered and unlettered. Two oxen draw the chariot, the clerkly and monastic discipline of the blessed Augustine and the holy Benedict. Father Gilbert guides the chariot over places rough and smooth, over the heights and in the depths. The way by which they go is narrow, but the path is eternal life.”


The Companions of St. Gilbert of Sempringham (GSmp), with its spiritual inspiration in the Order of Sempringham founded by St. Gilbert in 1131, approved by Pope Eugenius III in 1148, are practicing Catholics, men or women, who come from a variety of walks of life who live out their vocation in an individual and voluntary obedience to a Rule of Life composed in partnership with one’s spiritual director and each conduct themselves as according to the Statutes of the Association. 

Gilbertine Companions are to persist in a unity of spirit and purpose towards the worship of God the Holy Trinity, the building up of the Kingdom of God and the salvation of souls under the patronage of St. Gilbert of Sempringham. Not bound by vows, Companions live a life of individual voluntary prayer, presence and service to specific parishes and neighbourhoods, according to one’s station in life. 

Members encourage and empower those with whom they share common locality, experience, or fellowship of interests, to grow in holiness through an apostolate of prayer, presence and service informed by a recovery and celebration of the Anglican Patrimony envisaged in the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus.


“It is accomplished. Follow Him. Follow Him. Follow Him.”
— St. Gilbert of Sempringham